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Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.) Essen – 28, 29, 30 October 2016

Caroline Kampfraath participates at the Contemporary Art Ruhr in October of this year. She is one of the participants of the Marziart International Art Gallery Hamburg (Marziart website).

For more details about the exhibition: http://contemporaryartruhr.de/en/innovative-art-fair/

april 10th, 2016|

The seamstress

oktober 12th, 2015|

‘Female Orgasm’ Miet Air – September 6th to September 27th 2016


173 x 60 x 110 cm

Unbaked clay, synthetic resin, examination table

Hysteria refers to the way people would view the female orgasm in the past. Ultimate excitement was only accepted as ultimate devotion to the divine, like shown by Bernini. In later periods it became a medicale disease that required treatment. The female orgasm had to be treated, denied and avoided. Like the sound of the glass harmonia – the sound Mozart used in his compositions – was banned because it would provoke lust.


The sound of the glass harmonica, on its own or as accompaniment. After a popular start in the 18th century, the instrument was banned for 200 years because it was suspected to provoke lust. The four fragments represent the four stereotypes of women: mysterious, innocent, sensitive, sereen and emotional.

Mysterious: Glare (2012). By Camille Norment (1970).

Innocent: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (1892), Tchaikovsky (1840-1893). By William Zeitler (1954).

Sensible, sereen: Adagio für Glasharmonica (1791), W.A. Mozart (1756-1791). By Christa Schönfeldinger (1965).

september 9th, 2015|

Exhibition Miet Air – September 2015

From 6 to 27 september I present new work at Miet Air near the village of Beers.

september 8th, 2015|

Exhibition ‘Examples’ Dutch Society of Sculptors – June 2015

Caroline Kampfraath. “It’s All Hearsay Said The Tree”. Polyester with tree resin. 45 x 25 x 25 cm.

Caroline Kampfraath. “Soldiers and Lovers”. Gietsteen. 5 stuks van 45 x 25 cm

juni 6th, 2015|

Contemporary Art Ruhr (C.A.R.) Essen – October 2014

oktober 10th, 2014|

Gallery Artlantis Frankfurt – October 2013


oktober 10th, 2013|