From early on in her journey, the works of Caroline Kampfraath appeared to consist of two or more elements. They discuss relationships. Forms interact, they influence each other and craft relationships.

Carolines work is ignited by a thought, an impression. By amazement, emotion, or sometimes even a scent that gets stuck in her head. Her mind forms a picture that she turns into sketches.

A part of Caroline’s work deals with phenomena in society. The taboo on feminine hair in religion (Pieta), the superficiality of communication caused by social media (Dead Dogs Envelope), or female sexuality (Geisha, Hysteria).

Sometimes the originating idea lies close to herself, such as in Inescapable. This work depicts the impossibility to get hold of her own creativity that behaves wildly, abysmal and slippery.

In a number of her pieces she explores the double, strange relationship between mankind and nature.

Caroline is a member of the Dutch Society of Sculptors and International Sculpture Network.