Enigmatic Narratives in Sculpture

New York art critic Ann Williams on Caroline Kampfraath in Artworld Magazine

Caroline Kampfraath - sculptor

A Day in the Woods, described by Ann Williams in Artworld Magazine of December 14th, 2023

“Dutch sculptor Caroline Kampfraath whose works grace international exhibitions, is deeply rooted in the belief that each piece demands its own unique material. This self-imposed challenge, according to the artist, adds a layer of complexity to her creations, pushing the boundaries of conventional sculptural expression.

Caroline’s visual language is characterized by a surreal and sometimes puzzling atmosphere, where symbols like engorged veins, deceased canines, or kidney-shaped dishes take center stage. These seemingly disparate elements weave together to form thematic pieces and installations that defy immediate interpretation. The observer is left to navigate the intricate tapestry of ….” (learn more)

Al-Tiba9 –  visual arts magazine

Caroline Kampfraath - sculptor

Al-Tiba9 visual arts magazine issue May 2023 features a 10 question interview with Caroline as well as several of her works.

Al-Tiba9 is present both offline and online. Browse here through the online Al-Tiba9 magazine

Caroline Kampfraath - Sculptor

The Tentacles of the River, one of the works featured in Al-Tiba9.


Featuring Caroline Kampfraath

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Caroline Kampfraath - 50 women sculptors

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Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine

Caroline Kampfraath - sculptor

Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine featured Flow for Life as well as Dead Dogs Envelope

Click to browse through issue 19, May 2020